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Recolored is a graphics tool for coloring black and white pictures and applying other effects
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Bertheussen IT
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11 March 2007

Editor's review

We associate several emotions with several color hues depending upon our moods and feelings like blue is associated with being gloomy or simply yellow is related with chirpy moods and happy things. We seldom give a thought to the fact that colors hold such vital importance in our lives and how much vibrancy and vividness they get into our lives in all their forms. Even nature contains some beautiful examples of vivid hues in it as the calm blue sky, the lovely red rose or simply the enthralling green vegetation that even holds the competence of soothing tired eyes. With the help of technology, we have got even larger palettes of colors with us that are appealing in its usages as Recolored 1.0.1 program that easily colors black and white pictures and adding a glow to them.

Recolored opens with a vivid looking interface with the chief options placed at the top toolbar and the main screen displaying the image which can be manipulated as desired by the user. The right pane showcases the color palette and the hues stored onto the program with the help of which the user can easily work through for editing pictures. The program can be easily used for coloring black and white images and even replaces color of individual objects in colored images and also performs desideration of colored photos. It can easily work for turning old family photos into natural looking and stylish new photos. The program makes use of some sophisticated algorithms for processing digital images and contains several tools and functions in an efficient manner to blend colors and mix them most intuitively.

To conclude, Recolored 1.0.1 certainly assures apt performance with its bright controls and user friendly interface and hence gets a rating of four points for its superlative functionalities and utility value.

Publisher's description

Recolored is a graphics tool for coloring black and white pictures, replacing colors of individual objects in color pictures, and selective desaturation of color pictures. Recolored is perfect for turning your old family photos into natural looking color photos, easily replacing the colors of individual objects, and adding instant style and artistry to your photos by coloring specific important elements.
Version 1.0.1
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